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Presentation order a fancy-dress an actor:

Greetings To become more interesting and memorable for many
years we have added a new service - "Delivery fancy-dress an actor.

Now, instead of the usual courier on the threshold of your home or
office shall be for a real pirate, a hat, boots and armor seaman.
With pirated politeness and charm, he directed at the you are not a
big stylized performance and present a message from the bottle of your
family, friends and acquaintances.

His speech will pleasantly surprise you and make you worry.
You get a huge pleasure! Each script presentation, we develop are always
individually based on the customer's wishes.

Heroes are a variety of carriers on request.
This service operates from 9:00 to 21:00 within the city and the
suburbs of Vladivostok. Orders are accepted no later than one day


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